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Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Custom Homes and Construction | Tulsa, OK | Dallas, TX

We are a Spec Home and Custom Home Builder, located in Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, dedicated to putting your needs first to make sure the home of your dreams is built exactly how you imagined it. Reach out today to begin the next steps in this exciting journey.


About CGT

We are a family owned spec home & custom home builder located in Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma with over 15 years of experience who continues to strive for excellence in every project. Each project that we have been apart of we take pride in and enjoy finishing those projects and leaving a smile of satisfaction and joy on our customers faces. 

Choosing us as your builder you will not just get another builder looking to have another project in the books, you will get a builder that will be invested in your vision and see that that vision is brought to life. 

Serving Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma

Personal Touch

Building a custom home gives you the ultimate freedom to put your personal touch on every aspect of your home. Building with us we ensure that your home gets built with your touch in mind.

Money Saver

Yes building a custom home can be a large initial investment, but in the long run it can save you tons of money. From making your home energy efficient, not needing repairs, or renovating an existing home.

Superior Quality

Building a custom home allows you to include the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship that you don't always get with buying an existing home. Working with us, we prioritize quality and making sure that your home is built with the superior quality that you deserve.


Ready to Build Your

Dream Home?

We are dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience, and build a custom home that over delivers any expectations you may have. Reach out today to start the exciting journey of building your dream house.

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